Mandorla is a term from mythology and architecture that refers to the space created by two overlapping circles.  Through curating and presenting live and recorded musical events, Mandorla Music seeks to create spaces for meeting between musicians, between players & listeners, between the immediate and the timeless.  Like nothing else, live music can simultaneously ground us powerfully in the moment and lift us out of the everyday.  

Mandorla Music seeks to represent the stylistic diversity of the jazz spectrum, from swing to skronk, gentle to raucous, in and out.  Some shows are less obviously "jazz" than others, reflecting world music, chamber music, rock or other influences.  What's central is the immediacy of live music that's made to be engaged - entered into -  with open ears, an open mind & an open heart.

Mandorla Music is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization.
Mandorla Music's founder and director is Mark Redmond, a life-long music lover who works as a mental health counselor by day.