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Buying CDs, LPs or downloads is something we can to help musicians in these hard times, and it's best to buy directly from artists when you can.  Here are a few recommended recordings by recent Mandorla & Dot Jazz performers. 


Royal Hartigan is a master drummer with deep jazz roots and a serious global reach.  He's a force of nature.  His appearance with John Kordalewski and Wes Brown in early March could be the last Mandorla produced show for a while, and will reverberate for some time.  Check the latest release from Royal's Blood Drum Spirit ensemble here.

Guitarist Eric Hofbauer's latest project, his category-resistant 'Book of Fire' collaboration with bassist & turntablist Tony Leva, blew some minds when it debuted at Dot Jazz last month. 

It was a pleasure to present rising Bklyn based trombone player Kalia Vandever at Q Division in December.  I love her debut record.

Bulgarian pianist & accordionist Plamen Karadonev and his band played a great Dot Jazz set earlier this fall.  Check his music here.

Fred Woodard

Adam Rudolph

Hamid Drake

Mike Rivard

Amit Kavthekar

Taylor Ho Bynum

Clear Audience

Zahili Gonzalez Zamora